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About AGE1

With over 3x more money available to fund biotech startups than ever before, why has the number of new biotech companies started each year remained constant?

We believe that more great people could start biotech companies, but most self-select out because they don’t know it’s possible, or how to do it.

Our focus is on finding and catalyzing incredible founders in 3 categories. We’re looking for technically excellent academics, strong operators in a non-bio fields, and repeat biotech entrepreneurs with a interest in longevity. We want to lower barriers to entry for ambitious entrepreneurs to start biotech ventures, with a focus on the longevity space.

The program is run from a studio in San Francisco, where we host weekly dinners with biotech leaders. Our guests are relatable founders building therapeutics or platform longevity companies who have just passed the Series A mark, seasoned drug hunters who have successfully achieved POC in humans, or biotech entrepreneurs who have created >$1B in value and taken multiple programs into the clinic. We also occasionally have entrepreneurs who have created >$1-20B companies in other industries stop by to describe the more general challenges companies can face.

During the batch, our full-time job is to make you successful. We’ll meet with you once each week, but we also help out with a bunch of other work - if you need help with anything from finding lab space and CRO partners through to recruiting and making first connections to pharma, we've probably done it for most members of the last batch. Additionally, members of the AGE1 community have been a great resource for new companies to date - some batch mates have chosen to share lab equipment, explored renting lab space together post-AGE1 and helped the other companies hire.

AGE1 Batch I and II companies have gone on to raise upwards of $30M from leading VCs including CRV, First Round Capital, and General Catalyst. We’re good at helping you raise money, but don’t view that as success - our long term goal is to help you get life-changing medicines to patients.

Past mentors and guests include Brian Slingerland (co-founder of Stemcentrx), Patrick Collison (co-founder of Stripe), Len Post (former CSO of BioMarin), Tom Hughes (former global head of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease and Novartis’ NIBR) and Marc Andreessen (GP at a16z).