AGE1 Batch I

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Spring Discovery

Spring Discovery uses machine learning to identify drugs for diseases of aging. Led by Ben Kamens, the former VP of engineering at Khan Academy, the team has gone on to raise $18M from investors including First Round Capital, General Catalyst, and Felicis Ventures since AGE1.

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Fauna Bio

Fauna Bio is developing a cross-mammal drug discovery platform that leverages one of the largest hibernation data sets in the world. Fauna Bio is led by Ashley Zehnder, Linda Goodman, and Katie Grabek, three former Stanford postdoctoral researchers in the lab of Carlos Bustamante with backgrounds in animal health, genetics, and computational biology. Fauna Bio has raised over $4M since AGE1 from leading investors including True Ventures.


Rubedo Life Sciences

Rubedo is developing therapeutics using a novel platform to selectively clear senescent cells. Through AGE1, Rubedo has raised a seed round from investors including Longevity Fund and Refactor Capital.

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Circumvent Pharmaceuticals

Circumvent Pharmaceuticals is developing therapeutics that target neurodegenerative disease.


AGE1 Batch II

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Coral Genomics

Coral Genomics is utilizing genomic data from patients to predict how they will respond to a drug before they get treated. Coral has closed a seed from investors including 8VC.

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IUVE is developing the first diagnostic test for measuring systemic chronic inflammation, a new metric for general health that predicts a variety of chronic illnesses. IUVE is led by David Furman, the Stanford researcher behind the 1000 immunomes project, and Wolfgang Daum, a repeat biotech entrepreneur. IUVE launched after participation in AGE1 Batch 2.


Deciduous Therapeutics

Deciduous Therapeutics is an aging therapeutics company developing a novel class of immune modulatory therapies that clear senescent cells and promote healthy lifespan. Deciduous is led by Anil Bhushan, a professor at UCSF, and Robin Mansukhani, a five time biotech founder. Since AGE1, Deciduous has raised over $5M from investors including CRV.

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Gordian Biotechnology

Gordian Biotechnology is a therapeutics company pioneering a novel screening platform for gene therapies targeting diseases of aging. Gordian is led by Martin Borch Jensen, formerly a postdoctoral researcher at the Buck Institute, and Francisco LePort, a co-founder of Tachyus and former scientist at Tesla. Through AGE1, Gordian has raised a seed round from investors including Longevity Fund and 50VC.