AGE1 Batch III Applications Are Open!

We’re excited to OPEN applications for AGE1 Batch 3!

AGE1 is a biotech accelerator offering up to $500K and 3 months of mentorship to biotech entrepreneurs in the early stages of company formation. This includes weekly dinners, a founders retreat with previous AGE1 entrepreneurs, access to the AGE1 investor and advisor network, and two investor and pharma-focused demo days. 

In past batches, since starting in June of 2018 with over 11 companies, founders have raised >$30M in follow-on funding, identified lead compounds, and several have already gone on to raise their A or large seed rounds.

We will be accepting applications on a rolling basis through December 7th, 2019. The program for this cycle will run January 11th - March 31st.  

To occupy it, we’re looking for founders in 3 categories:

- Graduate students or postdocs looking for their next opportunity
- Excellent operators (great managers and recruiters, etc) in other disciplines looking to enter biotech
- Repeat successful biotech entrepreneurs 

For those coming in with an idea, our goal will be to either to help you raise $1-4M (more if needed to get to your first milestone) or do the key proof of concept experiment that will allow you to raise that amount if you can’t from the start. Once done, our only focus through the end of the program will be figuring out what will allow you to raise your A and helping you do the work to begin down that track.

Sample proof of concept experiments below:

- Reproducing a key experiment done in only one lab

- Doing an in vivo experiment to verify the effectiveness of changing your core biology

Sample goals to open the possibility of an A or bridge round to an A would include:

- Lead candidates with compelling in vivo (or indication-relevant) data

- De-risking a key aspect of the biology (is this druggable?) - although for most this would more likely trigger a smaller round of funding than an A

- Debunking a key concern by gathering data (tox, PK/PD, etc) if you already have chemical or biological matter

- Running a first pass of the platform to find targets (though this is likely not as convincing or important as you think it might be)

During admissions, we’ll grade the following categories:


- Is it breakthrough (i.e. important and useful enough that the majority of the risk we are taking here is technical?)

- A secret you have, or hidden advantage - what are you best in the world at, or what do you have unique access to?


- How hard will you push during the program?

- Are you committed to getting a drug to patients?

- Do you have scientific integrity?

Apply here!

Laura Deming