Frequently Asked Questions

When is the program?

AGE1 Batch III begins January 11th, 2020. The program will end with our end of batch demo day, Kaplan-Meier Day, on March 31st, 2020.

What is the deal?

We offer up to $500K in funding for <10% equity. Go here to learn else we do to help companies, or feel free to reach out to us.

Do I need to have a lead therapeutic in hand, or fully-built platform to participate?

No. We get applications from graduate students and postdoctoral scholars still in academia, through to founders that have spent 1-2 years quietly building out an idea.

If you are coming from academia, you can apply with an idea or project that is outside your focus area. Many researchers assume they can’t build companies around things they didn’t invent. While being lead inventor on a patent you want to license might mean your expertise will be particularly useful in the first years of the startup, if you find a good idea someone else has been working on or think you have a novel insight at an appropriate stage, we’d love to hear it.

Some of our applicants have already taken drugs to market, or built billion-dollar businesses. For these entrepreneurs, we’re most helpful connecting them with the longevity field.

What if my company is only tangentially related to longevity?

We believe the best longevity companies may actually appear to be only tangentially related to the field, so we'd love to talk.

What's your take on licensing?

Having a license agreement with reasonable terms is critical for an academic spinout. Knowing what royalty rates and milestones to achieve can allow you later room to negotiate with partners.

We have negotiated licensing agreements with many of the top institutions, dealt with tricky political situations, and worked with all kind of TLO requests. We can help you think about how to stage the financing while working with the TLO, down to how to cover patent costs before the deal closes.

How can you help with IP?

Intellectual property is at the basis of every blockbuster therapeutic. The ability to protect your drug is dependent on a well-constructed portfolio.

We have written provisionals, turned them into patents, run FTO searches, and dealt with the best and the worst in IP firms. Selecting excellent legal partners is important to a great outcome. We can help you learn to build a good IP portfolio.

Can you help me with critical partnerships?

Yes! Partnerships can result in a non-dilutive cash infusion, but can also destroy the net value of your program. As such, we want to ensure you secure the best possible deals.

We have helped our companies source, negotiate and close milestones for >$1B in partnership value. Our mentors have lead R&D and BD at the top pharma companies in the world, and can help you efficiently connect and negotiate with partners.

Do I have to stay in San Francisco?

We do require companies to move to San Francisco for the duration of the 3 month program, but we then support founders wherever they choose to go afterwards. However, it is a good place to be, especially at the intersection of biology and technology.

What if I have more questions?

We're always happy to answer questions at